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Clear Correct Aligners


Clear Correct Aligners

ClearCorrect aligners are removeable, so you can eat, drink, and take care of your teeth as you normally would. In fact, you can wear them or remove them as you see fit during any of your daily activities with no added risk of irritation or injury.

With the innovative Clear Correct aligners by Straumann, your teeth will be gentle guided to an ideal position in a matter of months

For more information visit: Clear Correct Website 


The Clear Correct Journey:

  • We will evaluate your smile by taking dental records (usually with an intraoral scanner) and examining your overall oral health. Ask about any available payment and insurance options, which can make treatment even more accessible.


  • We’ll work to develop your digital treatment plan—the strategy for how your teeth will move and what techniques we will use to move them. We will share the treatment plan with you so you can see your planned smile before starting treatment


  • Once your aligners are ready, we will verify the fit of the aligners and will provide you with additional instructions based on your unique treatment plan. From there, simply wear the aligners 22 hours a day. They’ll move your teeth little by little with each aligner, each day bringing you closer to the smile you deserve.


  • Your treatment will be always supervised by us with regular visits (every 4-8 weeks) to monitor your treatment and do the correct adjustments.       
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